ATOM is Ready to Launch Year-2 R&D Plan

January 2, 2019


As ATOM gears up to implement its Year-2 plans, Jim Brase, M.S., ATOM Co-lead and Head of Technology, addressed the delegates at the ATOM 1-Year Anniversary event held in late October. Jim expressed his thanks to the group for their team effort and dedication to ATOM’s mission, and gave some insight into his experience as an ATOM Co-lead. One notable anecdote was from this past summer when the technical team reached its first major deliverable. Recalling an all-hands meeting when Technical Team Leaders presented results showing that their predictive models out performed commercial products, Jim shared his enthusiasm and excitement to “make the ATOM drug discovery platform a reality!”

This level of optimism is shared among the ATOM team. Keeping our mission in mind, Jim outlined a practical roadmap, for how ATOM will reach its Year-2 goals, building off of the foundation laid in Year-1. Jim also announced plans to carry out pilot projects in the coming year.



Year-2 Goals

  • Continued development of Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetics (PBPK) and Quantitative Systems Toxicology (QST) models

  • Phased development and implementation of the ATOM active learning design workflow platform that incorporates those models

  • Application of that platform on pilot projects of molecules with known pharmacokinetics or safety liabilities to test and validate our multi-parameter active learning process